Thursday, April 12, 2012


Words on a phone
said moments ago
bridge the gap
of miles between us

A flutter in my chest
says I need to come home
but what more is there
than past between us?

Could our past present tense
lead to a future rest
or is that just wishful thinking?

Across an ocean and back again
I keep wondering
how good it could be
if it was my doorstep
you came home to
when your trip was over.

Are questions like that allowed?

Words on a phone are great
but it's the words you say
face to face
that say

Empty Nest

The cage in my chest
has been full of silence
since you left the door open
and walked out.

Now you're looking in
where did my heart go?

It grew wings
and flew the coop
never to return
or beat again

Freedom is a seven letter word
you never should have taught me
if you wanted to come back

You should've tip-toed out,
checked the latch before you went
instead of blowing through me
like a hurricane.