Monday, April 3, 2017

Sentence Prison

It wasn't the night we met
that ruined me.
It was three -
no four - years later
when you labeled me
the dream girl
you always wanted -
- a dream of a girl
in a world
I could never fit in
or belong
or could be.

I heard what I wanted,
but you said the words -
I just ignored the grammar
and the order.

It was all there -
for a single moment -
the life I'd imagined we'd share
breathed into existence
by words
that have caged me ever since.

I was never enough
except for one night
in a Burger King
where you said everything
I wanted to hear;
where truth I knew
and you still don't
dropped from your lips
like atom bombs filled
with glitter and dust
instead of napalm and indifference.

I can't remember now
what you said
or how it stopped my heart
the way it did.
They were just syllables
and punctuation -
nothing more, nothing less.

Words strung together
like old Christmas lights
you hope will set the tree
and not on fire.

Words I have made my prison,
locked myself in
and thrown away the key.

I'm still sitting
in that booth,
though it's been years
since you left.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


You wrote me letters
and signed them with love.
You sent presents and money
like your words weren't enough.

You always offered to help,
no strings attached.
I blindly accepted,
falling right into your trap.

I loved you like no other,
and defended you to the end,
but your letters stopped coming
and I was left alone again.

You think money is the answer,
that it'll buy everything you need,
except at the end of the day
only your love could buy me.

So what did your words mean
now that you've disappeared?
What about your promises
that you'd always be here?

There is no defense
that could mend my broken heart.
You were nothing
but a liar right from the start.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Our Disney Doesn't Exist

I see your name
on my caller ID
and the warm vanilla tones
of your voice
fills my ears -
the memories
of years gone by
still so fresh
I can smell your cologne
on an old shirt
you let me keep.

We were so close, 
thieves thick with lies
we told
each other
hoping one day
we would live up to them
but never trying
to actually be
who we said we were. 

But who were we?

What were we?

We were a fairy tale
without the happy ending,
a Tinkerbell who found her Pan
who loved the sprite in her
but not when she tried to be human. 

I was the one
you named villain, 
shackled with the blame
of our failed attempts
at something good
(though that is like Captain Hook
calling out Rumpelstiltskin).

We wielded deceit 
with the precision 
of a knight's blade
as though we were trained
to cut deep and true;
but my feelings - 
then and now - 
for you have not waned 
in your absence.  

It doesn't matter now,
but I would do it over again
just to leave you lipstick kisses
and hear your voice
lulling me to sleep
like a siren in the Atlantic mist
making promises 
you'll never keep -
because even to have
your promises 
is better than this silence. 

I answer your call
and wait for the lies
like I am
waiting on Christmas.

This - This - This - 
I must remind myself
is what we wished for.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Day We Will Meet

I have wished
on every star
that has fallen
out of the sky.

I have prayed
every prayer
my lips
could speak.

I have looked
at every face
that came
my way,
hoping one
of them
would be the one
looking for me too.

But they weren't you.

I don't know when.
I don't know where.
But I do believe
you're still out there.

One day not too soon
I'm going to meet you
under a full moon
and we'll know
it was meant to be
because all this time
you were also looking
for me.

So I'll keep praying;
I'll keep wishing;
and I'll keep looking
and hoping
you're doing the same
because every breath
and every step
are just moments
from finding

Monday, August 8, 2016

Alternate Universes

In another place,
another time
I am the woman
I dreamed I would be
and I am living
the life
that'll never be mine.

You're there
by my side,
keeping every promise
you made
and I am
exactly who I told you
I was.

I have it all.

Somewhere -
not here, not now -
my life is good
and I am so proud
of what we've become.

some how
I am enough.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Shortness of You

22,958 days
was all you could stay
but it wasn't enough
for anyone who loves you.

I am back
from the edge
of the earth,
and your memory
is all that remains.

The ocean is not as blue,
the birds do not sing
the way they used to;
life has gone on
without you
but I cannot ignore
your absence.

Every second
I am here
and you are not
is a second
I hate
and wish did not exist
because life without you
is no good.

There is no sense
in the end,
no solace
in your silence.

22,958 days
is just not enough.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hollow Man

You said all the right words
with an easy smile
and a salesman's heart.

Did it surprise you
your words weren't enough
to bring me
to my knees,
flip my dress up,
change who I am,
turn me
into a cheap one-night stand
you could tell
your friends about?

The truth is out,
everyone knows
you're a smiling
Jack O' Lantern
with a hole
where your heart
should be.

You are a blip
in the heartbeat
of my memory -
I want
or that I lost.

Just another smile
in the crowd.