Monday, December 29, 2014

The Anneslee Poems: Use with Caution

To you,
they are sounds
you make
with your mouth.

They mean nothing.

To me,
they are pieces
of your soul
from your lips
with every breath.

They mean everything.

Is it no wonder,
you shattered
my heart
with one sentence?

The Anneslee Poems: TKO

You say
"I love you"
with your fists
like a boxer
in a prize fight.
You leave
colorful reminders
so I never forget
how much
you care.
This is my life
behind closed doors.
This is how much
you care.
I raise the white flag,
throw in the towel,
surrender my life,
give up.
My body can't handle
your kind
of love.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Anneslee Poems: Thunder and Lightning

Wherever you are,
there I am.
We cannot be
anything less
or more
than what we are
You are the charge
in the spark
of my fire.
I am the light
in the sky
of your morning.
We burn
down the world
like stars falling.
You are my thunder,
I am your lightning.