Monday, May 28, 2012


These thoughts of you-
they are mine,
you can't have them.

They comfort me
in the dark
when I worry
I am not alone.

They bring me joy
when tears
threaten my cheeks.

They warm my heart
when it grows
cold and starts
to wither away.

These thoughts of you-
they are treacherous,
they consume me
like salty pluff mud
out past the dock
of our youth.

You cannot see
how the possibility
of you affects me
every day.

They whisper
like crickets
chirping in my ears,
telling me it's okay
to want more.

How my heart
betrays me
every time
I think of you.


I hear my heartbeat
in my ears
but cannot feel it
in my chest

My ribs cage
an empty nest

yet I exist

I feel a flutter
in my bones
and I second guess
that no one's home
that my heart has left
me alone

yet the whisper
of you burns
my insides

and I hesitate
on the precipice
this is it...

I leap
and take all my chances.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

As Long As I'm With You

This house could burn down
around us,
but I wouldn’t see the flames
or feel my skin melt
or taste the ash in the air.

This car could smash
into a thousand pieces
with us in it,
but I wouldn’t hear the glass shatter
or feel the metal scrape my skin
or taste the busted lip
the dashboard gave me.

It could all end tomorrow –
this world we live in –
but I wouldn’t know the difference
or feel the rot permeate my bones
or taste the dirt as I turn to dust.

“Could” means nothing
when you are by my side.