Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Your palm print
leaves permanent
stains where your hand
once was
and I know
you will never let me go.

When I close my hand
with rage,
or sadness,
you hold it tightly
until the storm has passed.

When I reach out
for assistance,
I know you are with me
even if I cannot see
your hand in mine.

Our hands are intertwined
forever - 
no matter what
my eyes see,
my heart knows
the difference.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Older Doesn't Always Mean Wiser

You think age
makes a difference,
that a number
equals experience,
but it doesn't.

It just means
you're older than me.

How dare you
our lives
like we've walked
in the same shoes
down the same path
with the same people.

I've never looked
at you and seen myself
or thought I knew you
better than you
know yourself.

I am not you
and you are not me,
and you never will be.
And I don't think
that because you're older
that you're better.

You're just older.