Monday, July 2, 2012

Happiness is You

Laughter permeates the air
as we reminisce
about times gone by
and I try not to think
about it too much
even though all I want
is to think about you -
to think about
"if" and "could"
because lonely hearts
shouldn't have to be

You remind me
of the girl
I was,
who I wanted to be
before all those
words like "if" and "could"
got in my way.

I like who I am
with you
and whatever
this is.

It could be enough.
There's that word


I am reminded
of the last time
I saw you
and the memory
makes me smile.

I sat with you
indian style
in your living room
as you recounted
the many hilarious
trials of your youth.

I still remember
the ache in my side
as we giggled
like children
and I am filled
with joy.

The ache in my side
has not subsided
as you continue
to make me laugh.
I wasn't sure
I still knew how.

It is like the sun
has peaked out
from behind the clouds
just for me
and I can't help
but bathe in your light.

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