Saturday, January 12, 2013

Past Behaviors Predict Our Future

You said things wouldn't change.
You lied,
and this is why
I didn't waste my time
five months ago
driving four hours
to see you
because I knew
it wouldn't take you long
to do
exactly what you’re doing

you could be caught up
in the afterglow
and newness
of the physical touch
of love
I never offered.

you could just be that guy –
the one you were
all those years ago
when you discovered
you weren't the center
of my universe
or anyone else’s
and walked away
without a word
as to why
or when you’d return.

I don’t know
what to think,
and I realize
it doesn't matter
if you decide
to come back around
you might find
I’m not here
to welcome you

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