Monday, July 29, 2013

Defiance (Love Conquers All. Even 8th Grade Bullies)

Sweaty palm
to sweaty palm,
I tightly held
his hand
by my side,
from prying eyes.

No one needed
to know he
was mine
and I was his -
for just a moment
of teenage bliss.

But then the whispers
and words
like "whore", "slut",
and "traitor"
were spoken
in the same space
as my name.

He held my hand
unafraid and unashamed.
She'd let him go
for another
like he was just another bull
in her boyfriend rodeo.

I hid my face
in his shoulder
as the whispers
grew louder.
We sank below
the horizon of the seats
and hoped
everyone would leave
us alone.

They didn't know.
They didn't care.
They heard one side
and never bothered
to ask mine.

One word of a lie
became two words
of the truth,
me against you
and words said
can never take back.

The windows
on the bus
fogged over
as we all rode
into the dark.

And then came
the light.

Blind for a moment
until gasps
and focus
your whispers
had become
on the windows
for everyone
to read,
to laugh at me,
a friend
you so easily
made an enemy.


I let his hand go
and gave you
what you wanted,
but it was never

You always wanted
to somehow prove
you were more
than I ever could be.
But what you never saw
was that he didn't want more,
he just wanted me.

I reached for his hand
and held it tight.
Sweaty palm
to sweaty palm,
we were ready for you,
your words,
your followers -

Because words
on windows
wash away,
but his hand print
on mine
will last forever.

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