Friday, October 10, 2014

The Anneslee Poems: Mother

They cut the cord
when they pulled
me out,
but wrapped me
in chains
and handed me
to you,
a little doll
for you
to dress up
and keep

The chains
with every breath
as you held me
against your chest
and told
the world
I was everything
you’d ever wanted.

I grew
around the chains
and became distorted,
nothing like
the daughter
you wanted
when you
dreamed up
my name
and bought
pink party dresses
that don't fit
me now.

When did you know
I was
going to be
good enough
for your love?

Was it my first breath?
Was it my first cry?
Was it my first word?
Or was it the moment
the plus sign
said I was real?

Some women
should never
have children.

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