Sunday, July 31, 2016

Your Loss Remains

I turned you on
like a light in the dark
and suddenly
the world felt
brighter than the sun.

But it terrified me -
the light
the heat
the burn of wanting you.

So I turned you off,
clipped the electric current
between us
like a bad breaker tripping
in the middle
of your favorite show.

Now I'm alone
and you found someone else
to turn you on
and tune you in,
let you have it all -
no questions asked.

You've moved on.
I'm without,
but I remain
satisfied in this life,
for I am the golden ticket
you thought I was -
you just weren't
or truthful enough
to win me over
as easily as you thought.

You think
it's my fault
I'm in the dark,
but I like it here
and you
are not the bright light
I thought you to be;
you are
just a passerby
on his way
to a less fulfilling

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