Friday, March 9, 2012


The days ahead are wrapped in grief
like an unwanted present still under the tree
I just put away
even though it's March -
I just couldn't bring myself
to tear it apart
when it's still so cold outside
and so many of the ornaments easily remind me
of you.

I just can't let you go,
not yet -
not ever.

I remember all the days
we spent warming ourselves in the sun
and I think of the laughter
that spilled out of us until we couldn't breathe.
It was an endless summer
I thought would never end
until the end was all we had left.

It's time to unwrap all the gifts
as this winter leads to spring
and let the grief disappear,
let the tears dry,
and stop letting the fear
of living without you
keep me from living at all.

I know I won't be able to see you
as you stand beside me now
but I believe you are always with me
and it is time
to lift the funeral shroud.

I open the drapes
that have covered my soul
since the day you left
and let Life in.

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