Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Promises of Youth

Thirteen years between us
and here you are again
back in my life
with one sentence,
nine words long.

Endless possibilities
stare at me
from a computer screen
that has been blank too long.

I click reply
and suddenly feel sixteen again –
when the world was new
and anything could happen.

We aren’t so young anymore.

Age has dulled our shine;
and somewhere between
who we were
and who we became
is the person we wanted to be.

You help me remember
the girl I was
before Life got in the way,
before “If” started my sentences
and regret lived on my tongue.

Let’s go back,
start over,
begin again.

Let’s be who we were,
even if just for a moment –
just you and me
against the world
as the people
we always dreamed
we were going to be –
two lovers of words
and of life
full of steam
and laughter
ready for anything
and everything.

Ah, the promises of youth.

(for JAH)

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