Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friends Without Benefits

I hid my soul between the ivory keys
only to be found with the right melody.
I play until my heart beats again
and the wounds you left start to mend.

I play until the sadness slips away,
until I no longer know if it’s night or day.
I catch a glimpse now and then
of the life I’ll never have again –
the life I wanted to have with you
a fantasy where you could love me too.

My fingers ache down to the bone,
and I feel a crack in my heart of stone.
I play harder in hopes my soul will break free,
and in this new life you will finally pick me.

I play until my fingers break
but I cannot seem to feel the pain.
All I can see is you and me
and just how good our lives could be
if only I was the one for you
if only you could love me, too.

The tears fall and my soul is safe,
locked away forever in this place
because I don’t know the melody
that will break the spell and set me free.

The song ends and I cannot breathe
because I know you’ll never see me
as the girl you want to spend your life with;
I’m just the friend without the benefits.

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