Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I made a list
of all the things you like
from turkey and dressing
to old fashioned Pecan Pie;
but it’s not the same
because I don’t have you
to celebrate the day with
and eat all the food.

I’ll never get used
to not having you here;
it feels just as awful
as it did the first year.
Everyone’s moved on
but I don’t know how
because my moving on
can’t include you now.

I wish you could
share this dinner with me
and every moment of every day,
the good, the bad and the unnecessary.
But never again will I see
your mischievous smile
as you go through the line
and leave with a food pile.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mama,
oh how I miss you.
You’re always on my mind
no matter what I do.
I’ll love you forever
even if you’re not here.
Another holiday gone by,
without you another year.

All there's left to say
is pass me the pie first –
one advantage to your absence
is I get to start with dessert!
Let’s give thanks
for all we had
and I’ll do my best
to not be so sad.

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