Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Birthday Without You

As the sun sinks below
the skyline
and day gives way to night,
I light a candle
to honor you.

you would have been 
another year older
if you had lived past
but Cancer had other ideas. 

I did too. 

I had career changes
and wedding plans, 
the pursuit of happiness
and second chances - 
everything in a life
you can imagine
that needed you
and your opinions.

I just have this candle
and it will burn to the ground
or until the wick burns out. 

No wishes will be made tonight. 
No cake will be served. 
No party hats will be adorned. 
No gifts will be exchanged. 

It's just me and a candle
and an unused wish
sitting on the balcony
as the scars of your loss
bust my heart and the dark
wide open for no one to see.

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