Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome Back To Your Life

I see your face
as you walk my way
and I can't help
but smile
because your face
isn't like any other
and today
isn't like any other
because I am here
with you. 

It's been a while
but you've made it through,
walked on fire
and reached the other side
of a life
you didn't think 
had another side
because you couldn't see
anything you wanted
beyond what you wanted
right now. 

But I knew better - 
I've been there too - 
and here we are
on the same side
staring eye to eye
at everything new
and our wasted youth
we've left behind. 

I knew you were better
and now you do too. 
Do you see it - 
the silver lining
and crystalline horizon
waiting for you?

We embrace the moment
and each other
for just one breath
and then you're gone - 
off to wander
the world
with new eyes
and a smile
I haven't seen 
since you were a child
of eight or nine, 
before the hurricane
of your life
washed you out to sea. 

How good it feels
to know
you are no longer
aimlessly wandering,
but moving about the world
and ready to learn.

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