Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering The Fallen of 9/11

I will not forget you,
my fallen friends,
even if I didn't know you
we are still kindred.

The world stops in silence
and we silently hope you hear
the prayers we say to remember you
every single year.

We light candles
and erect monuments
in the hopes
no one will ever forget

because the sacrifice
you made that day
isn't one any of us
thought we'd have to make.

Almost 3,000 souls
were forced to say goodbye
and so many more since
without ever asking why.

It started out quiet
like any day in September,
but ended with us in mourning
as our hearts burned with the embers
of all that was lost.

We cannot cry enough
or remember you enough
or hope for enough
or love enough.

We cannot, we will not

ever forget.

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