Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Not So De-Lovely After All

We had the makings
of an epic love story - 
like Linda Lee
and her wayward Cole,
only with less money
and drama, 
and more words
and poetry. 

You could've romanced
my taste buds
with your epicurious talents;
and I could've shared
strange legends and tales,
and played word games
with you that would make
your lips lift in happiness
until your face ached.

So many possibilities - 

Gone - 
wiped away 
by impatience
and circumstance,
and bewilderment, 
and past regrets. 

For a moment,
we held the hope
of a future love story
so de-lovely
and innocent
in the palm of our hands,
like the beginning
of firelight
before the wind came;
but we blew out
before we could
bright against the night. 

We are the past perfect tense
of the greatest story of love,
of "if only"
and "would've", "should've", "could've".


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