Monday, December 23, 2013

The Thing About Hope

Hope isn't a sweet blue bird
of happiness
perched lightly
in your soul 
or waiting
on a high wire
that somehow 
never gets electrocuted
or blown away. 

Hope is a carnivore,
a bird of prey,
watching the fields
waiting to devour

Hope isn't selfless
or eager to help.
Hope demands
your first born
and your last breath. 
It crumbles your resolve
and makes you stay
when you swore you wouldn't. 

Hope is a bitter thief
who steals your smarts
and makes you dumb,
makes you believe
in the impossible
because just maybe
this time it will be different.

And it never is. 
It never changes.

The only thing different
is that Hope
made a fool 
out of you.

And unless you're ready
to shoot that bird
out of the sky,
a fool is all
you're ever going to be.

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