Monday, December 23, 2013

I Blame John Hughes

I blame John Hughes
every time I open my mouth
to tell you how my heartbeat
is no longer a beat
but more of a ticking
of your name in my chest.
It's a countdown
until you finally see
that I am exactly right
for you.

I just can't seem
to give it a rest,
to let it go
of the ifs
and the whens
and just be
your friend.

You've burned me
to the ground
half a dozen times
but I rise
like a phoenix
over and over again,
still loving you
the way only I do.

It's masochistic,
this love,
but I am addicted
to it,
like you.

So burn me again
and remind me
that life
is not a John Hughes
no matter
how much
I wish it was.

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