Sunday, August 24, 2014

Almost the Love of Your Life, Not Quite

How many copies
of me
will you go through
before you see
none of them are made
with carbon?

Twenty years gone
like sand
through your hands
and you still think
she's out there -
the girl of your dreams.

Don't you remember
sitting across
the table
at Burger King
and telling me
you'd found her?

Maybe it was
the fish sandwich
but I thought
you finally got it -
I am her,
she is me,
let your dreams
be answered.

But the next day
came and went
like you'd said
like I was nothing
and the someday
I thought
had finally come
was gone.

And we moved on
like always
and you're still looking
like always
for the girl
I could've been
(and was).

Maybe you'll get close
and the next one
will make you happier
than the last.
But I know
better than I know
my own name
I would've made
you happy best.

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