Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams 1951-2014

O captain, my captain
your toughest battle is done.
Our love and adoration
was just never enough.

How we will miss
all the smiles you gave us,
Your heart was everything -
your humor a plus.

You made us laugh,
you made us cry,
and here we sit silent
asking ourselves why.

You seemed to have it all,
but what did we know?
The sadness kept pulling you down
until you were lower than low.

How empty life must've seemed,
how alone you must've felt,
to think that this was your way out
and no one else could help.

I will think of your eyes like stars,
your laughter like the moon
and I will cherish your time here on earth
even if you were gone too soon.

I hope you are at peace
now that the war within is done,
O captain, my captain
63 years with you will never be enough.

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