Saturday, November 19, 2011


I can’t feel you, can’t breathe
in this tomb you left behind

I want to set the mattress on fire
Burn the house down

I can’t get away from the memory of you
And it is suffocating my every thought, move

I want you back
then I don’t
I want this freedom you thrust me into
then don’t

The absence of you
burns me like a brand
and I cannot move my mind
past the moment you left

I feel free one moment
Jailed the next
The highs and lows
your absence brought
are pinning me to the ground
and I want to cut off every limb
just to escape
Mutilate myself
until this pain stops
but I can’t bare the sight of blood.

I turn over and over in my mind
how it got this far
and I hate that I’m still here.
Each breath is a reminder
and I want to hold my breath
forever until I see you again.

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