Saturday, November 19, 2011


It only took you
One hundred Thirty Days
to build me back up
to pull me out
of the deepest, darkest hole
I buried myself in
hoping I’d never have to see
the light of day again
and then break me back down
into the tiniest of pieces
throwing some away
so I’d never be whole again
and throw me back in
like it was nothing
like I was nothing
to you

So easy for you
to be the superhero and villain
in one fail swoop
leaping from girl to girl
like they were tall buildings
spinning your web of lies
like a Spiderman would
plotting the end
for the easiest escape route
but promising the end
will never come
such a superman
and arch nemesis
you are
breaking my heart
the way
you promised
over and over
you never would

I knew it was coming
I knew it was all a lie
You swore it would never happen
You swore forever plus two
It must be so easy for you
to tell your lies
break your promises
walk away
like it was all in a day’s work

You pretended
to be my savior -
a superhero in disguise -
But you’re just a man
Hiding behind your cape.

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