Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Growing Up

Once thick as molasses,
Life ripped us apart. 
It burned us to the ground
and left plenty of scars.
But we rose from the ashes
like the fabled phoenix birds,
And spoke in muffled voices
only careful words. 

We hid our faces from the sun
and always looked down. 
We kept to ourselves too often
and panicked in a crowd. 

We forgot who we were
and the love we once shared;
it was easier to look away
than fight for what was fair. 

We fell in line like robots
and did what we were supposed to;
we never tried to asked questions,
never looked for the truth. 

Everything was harder,
but somehow easier too
because we no longer thought about it,
just did what we were told to do.

Whoever we were before - 
those friends of yesteryear,
didn't exist anymore - 
replaced instead by sadness and fear. 

But the memory remains
of two hearts that beat as one
before Life trampled over them
and sucked out all the fun.

Maybe someday things will change
and we will be who we once were,
rather than empty carcasses
roaming this bitter earth.

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