Thursday, April 24, 2014

We're Not That Close

You say my name
like we've known each other
since high school,
where awkward
year book photos
with sweet notes
and signatures
show how close
we were as friends,
but we met
less than a year ago
and friends
is not a label
I'm comfortable
using to describe
the lie
you keep telling
everyone else. 

My friends
have seen me 
snort in the middle of laughing,
and stand silently
at my mother's grave,
waiting to be told
what comes next. 

You haven't seen me
at my worst
or my best,
and so far
I don't think
you're the right fit
for me.

You might've been. 

You might've been 
a lot of things,
but telling lies
about me
when I'm not there
to speak the truth
isn't a way
to go anywhere
with me. 

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