Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beachfront Daydreams

I daydream
about southern beaches
and warm white sand
I can bury my feet in
as the waves lap at my feet
like a puppy
begging me to play,
wishing I were there
instead of stuck
in the middle of this overcast
wayward Pacific Northwest spring
unsure if it's here to stay.

I can almost feel the hot salt air
whispering across my skin
when a brisk burst of cold
hisses in my face.

Soon I will see you again,
my sweet southern shore
and I will wrap myself
in your sandy arms
until it is a daydream no more.

I blink the ocean lull away
and notice the sun has come out,
all the world shines green
and I remember
this is paradise part two.

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