Monday, April 29, 2013


I read the lines
and could hear your voice
telling me
everything I didn't want
to hear. 

I'd been waiting
for so long
for you to say
that I never thought
what I would do
if what you said
was that you didn't 
pick me
love me
want me
need me
the way I
always knew
you would

because the thing is
years ago
you were the one
saying something
telling me
I was the one
you'd looked for
all your life - 
a title too big
for one girl
to wear
and one
you weren't 
to give. 

And so
I've just been here
sitting and waiting
on someday,
not realizing
that someday
came and went
without me
even noticing. 

It went without
a hint
it was going
or even a goodbye. 
It went without
a kiss on the cheek
or spending one
last night
it would stay. 

Maybe it was gone
before I got up
or before
I even fell asleep.
Maybe it was gone
the moment
those words
left your lips
and I was too lost
in the sentiment
to know better. 

It doesn't matter
when someday
came and went.
It only matters
that it's gone.

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