Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finish Line

Lines drawn on the road
and I know
I'm almost home;
just a few more beats
under my feet
before I cross
over to easy street.

Flash and a sound
and closer
than it should be
throw me to the ground,
and I cannot breathe.

drown out
my heartbeat
that seems to have stopped
or is beating so fast
it is not
one beat per thump
one long wave
of fear.

My lungs burn
with smoke and dust
while my legs
are numb
from what
I don't know.

and a moment
skin on skin
helps me up
and moves me
until I can find
my way
across the line.

I don't stop.
We won't stop.
I push my body
until I get beyond
the line others
have stopped
before me
and I keep going.

This is
who we are
who I am
who we will be
plus infinity
because we are now
and always will be


(In honor of the events at the 2013 Boston Marathon)

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