Monday, April 15, 2013

Lost in Translation

I listen
and take in
the words
you say,
how you
say them
and hear
what you
really mean.

You always
in "I" and "me"
as if you
are the only
that matters
on this planet
of seven billion
or more.

It's a language
I do not understand
or speak myself
but I keep trying
as if my deaf ears
have betrayed me.

I keep listening
but hear nothing
because first person
is not second nature
to me. I'd take a bullet
for you
because that is me,
my weakness,
my incurable disease,
my cross to bare
as you run from the room
the minute you see
the sleek black barrel
of the gun.

We aren't the same
but I keep to the script,
pretend like I hear you
and understand
even though I don't,
and probably never will.

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