Monday, April 1, 2013

Flower Soldiers of Spring

It's April now
and I can breathe
than two weeks ago
but there's still an ache
like the remnants
of pneumonia
or some flu
that stays with me
since the day you left.

The sun is out
and the flowers
are starting to bloom.
It's your favorite time
of year - 
and maybe mine too.

I remember you
smiling bright
under a too-wide
brimmed hat
in the sun
and southern spring heat,
burying your hands
in the earth
with bulbs and seeds,
ready for the new life
to color the yard.

It is your happiness
that still catches
my breath
and burns me
from the inside out
like a disease
that won't leave.

It's cool here
this time of year
but the tulips
and daffodils 
are coming up
in droves,
lining roads
and fields
like soldiers
of happiness.

You'd love them
and that makes 
the ache
fade just enough
so that I can breathe
a little easier
than I did before.

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