Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time to Climb

I can see Mt. Baker
from my window
as it rises towards the sky
like a white pyramid
of rock, snow and ice; 
and it is like all 
of the things
I want to do
in my life - 
too much all at once.
From here,
the climb
seems possible,
but up close,
it's too high 
in the clouds
and I cannot
thinking about
each step
it would take
to reach the top.
And what if
when I get all
the way to the tip
and there's nothing
to see? 

It is all the CAN'Ts
and WHAT IFs
I've said to myself,
all the dreams denied,
because I just couldn't see
if what was on the other side
was worth my time. 

But time is short-lived
and the world
won't turn forever.
It's time to throw
on my snow boots
and grab my gear,
and stop speaking
in the riddles of "if"
and let the hope in.

Who knows
what comes next,
but standing still
isn't working
and even one step
forward is still

Mt. Baker
is my mountain
and it's time 
to see
what's on the 
other side.
Even if there's
nothing there,
just reaching
the summit
is enough.

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