Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best Laid Plans

I ripped my heart
from my chest
and left it
in the finest
on your door step
of your front porch. 

Too bad
I didn't know
you only use
the side door.

I thought I had
the perfect plan;
nothing was left
to chance. I hid
in the bushes
and waited,
hoping to see
the happiness
on your face
when you 
my gift. 

The sun rose
and set
but you
never came. 
My breath
and the beats
but still 
I waited. 

The moon
lit up the night
and glowing eyes
peered back 
at me,
but the present
sat alone
still waiting. 

My blood
ran cold,
my eyelids
dropped low
and you,
you never came
in time
to save me.

So much
for the perfect
the romantic
the sacrifice
I made
that you'll never see.

What did I prove?
Death comes quickly
to an empty chest.

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