Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coming Home

I step off the plane
and immediately 
feel the weight
of the humidity
as I walk
towards the gate. 

The sweat
rolls down my back
making my shirt
and I know
I better make
a pit stop
before I see you.

The overnight flight
didn't do me
any favors
and my hair
is matted
to my face
as if I stuck
my head
out the window
as we were landing. 

I slip into
a different dress
and try to soak
up the stress sweat
with toilet tissue
and paper towels.
I must look a mess
as I head out
of the bathroom.

A moment later
I see your face
searching the crowd
and our eyes lock.
I've been gone too long - 
I can tell 
by the way
you look at me, 
searching for the changes
and the familiarity. 

You hold me
in your warm arms
and though
I'm already so warm
I can barely breathe,
I bury my head
in your chest
for as long as you
will hold me. 

For the first time
in my lifetime,
I feel at home
and I never want
to leave.
Whatever you do,
don't let me go
when my two weeks
here are over
because I don't know
how long it will be again
before I can come back
and I can't take you
with me.

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