Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Like a Tree, Ever Growing

Like a tree,
ever growing
towards the sky,
I keep reaching
hoping I'll fly
like a bird
on a summer's day
and never touch
down my toes
on the land below
because all I want
is to fly away. 

But I can't do
but reach
because I am root
and soil,
stuck to the earth
unable to move

I can only grow up
and out,
and hope one day
the wind will take me
from this place,
and bring me 
back home
to you
where I 
was always
meant to be
in the first place.

I still keep hoping
for nothing
I can touch
or taste or see - 
just love
I can feel 
in my bark
and heart. 

Like a tree,
ever growing,
I never stop
because I know
maybe someday
my leafy tips
will finally hit
the clouds.

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